Monday, November 24, 2008

A Change in Plans

This week would have seen us traveling to Asheville to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad and a few of my siblings but, with sickness still lingering we made the decision to stay put. Though a little disappointing - also an opportunity to get to some things that would have gotten pushed to the coming weeks. And, a bonus for me, getting to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. When I have the time I really enjoy cooking and baking as do all of my kids!

So, my to do list for the coming days ...

1. Address Christmas Cards - thankful for the fact that the actual cards were done months ago when we had professional pictures taken at Hilton Head.

2. Put up our Christmas Tree and Decorations. We are hosting two parties within the first two weeks of December so having this done is a huge weight lifted!

3. Work on my class for Christmas Jubliee which is less than two weeks away. Including, finishing up some 3-D stamped items I am going to offer during the bazaar.

4. Create, address and mail out invites to Lexi's American Girl Christmas Party. Something that definitely needs to get done ASAP being the party is just a little over two weeks out.

5. Shop for the family we have adopted for Christmas, on Black Friday, when I can really stretch the budget we have allotted for this.

6. Work with Daune on what we are going to have the kids say on the Sunday our church has selected us to light an Advent Candle.

7. Enjoy spending time together with just our immediate family.

So, quite a few things and I know I will probably not get to it all and though I do not have family to help watch my kids I have a wonderful husband who loves to take the kids out to the movies or out to a restaurant by himself giving me time to get things done with a few less distractions. :)

And, in case you were curious, our menu for Thanksgiving Dinner ... Turkey using Alton Brown's recipe, Honey Baked Mini-Ham, Paula Deen's Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing, Company Potatoes (my signature dish) and Paula Deen's Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I couldn't end this post without at least posting one photo ... here is Lexi, last Friday at JFBC at her class Thanksgiving Play. It was so adorable and this is a great picture of her and her good friend - they were both Indians.

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