Thursday, November 29, 2012

For the Glory of the King {A Christmas Musical}

Last night our kids performed in our church's Christmas musical entitled, "For the Glory of the King".

Ava Mae performed in the 2nd grade choir during the musical.

Devin performed a duet and, before the musical began, we were entertained by his investigative reporting segment that ran on the big screen {Devin's exploration group this semester was Media}. I think he may have a career in broadcasting.

Lexi had a lead part in the musical ... so fun seeing her on stage as an actor, rather than a dancer!

After the musical we were able to get the kids to pose for a few shots before they ran off to their next Wednesday night activity.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trimming the Tree {2012}

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for us to trim the tree. It works out well as right after Thanksgiving we always get so busy with Christmas activities. 

The kids are at an age now where they are really helpful! I remember the days when we would decorate the tree together and then I would go around and redecorate after they were in bed. Now, they know the plan and need little direction.

Ava Mae had the honor this year of placing the first ornament on the Christmas Tree.  The ornament is normally a special one from one of our trips during the year. This year it was a silver Mickey head in honor of our trip to Disney World.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving {2012}

Just a few pictures ... a look into our Thanksgiving. We enjoyed our traditional breakfast {cinnamon rolls} along with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Then, off to our friends' home, who we have enjoyed Thanksgiving with for the last few years. Yummy food and wonderful conversation.

Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration too!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just One Month ...

I can't believe in 30 days we will be meeting Miranda! We are working through our "to do" list and preparing for a busy few weeks leading up to her arrival on December 16th. We have a jam packed calendar of Christmas activities - not to mention wrapping up our Fall Semester at Timothy and a Choir Musical which all the kids are in at church. I am kind of glad that all of this falls on the calendar before Miranda's arrival. Our lives can get pretty crazy during the holidays but, by the time she arrives things will be winding down and we will just be able to enjoy Miranda and a good old-fashioned Christmas.

Here is a little update about how things are coming along ...

We have had so many wonderful friends who have stepped up to pray for us and Miranda. We have received several large donations toward our hosting fees and that coupled with the scholarship Miranda received means we have less than $1,000 until we meet our goal!

We put up a Christmas tree in our entry way {pictured above} this week and every family who donates or gives in some way to help bring Miranda here or help provide for her needs once she has arrived gets an ornament on the tree. We think it is going to be a great visual aid in showing Miranda how many families were involved. This journey is about so much more than our family. It is about our family trusting in God to provide and seeing him work through all our friends. Such a great example of His love!

Miranda's bedroom is ready and an assortment of night time outfits, casual clothes, and undergarments have been purchased by my friend, Tammy. {God has blessed me so much through my friendship with Tammy - as always she has been with me from Day 1 of this journey. Thank you so much friend for always being ready to come along side and offer your help.}

Our sweet son, Devin, came to me Wednesday night and said "Mom, I want to help raise money to get Miranda here so I am going to see if people will sponsor me and I will walk 10 miles". So thankful, for his kind heart and grateful for our friends and teachers at Timothy who all donated. My wonderful friend, Tammy, is going to walk with him. We decided to divide the walk up. Devin has never done more than a 5K so tomorrow he will do a 10K and then another 5K in the next day or so.

So, what's left? We have a social worker visit in less than two weeks and then a full day training class for Daune and I on December 1st. I am also still working on securing a dentist and eye doctor who would be willing to donate their services - one of the requirements for hosting is that we provide those check ups for Miranda. If we are not able to find a dentist to donate everything - I have at least found a coupon for a dentist in our area who does a new patient visit for just $99.

So, that is our update ... exciting times! If you feel lead to help us finish strong with a financial donation to our hosting fees we would greatly appreciate it!! We would also appreciate your prayers - not just for us but, all the families who will be hosting this winter. Here is a link to our donation site - remember all donations are tax deductible.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ava Mae Turns "8"!

This past Sunday we celebrated Ava Mae's 8th birthday. Ava Mae is our social butterfly - she does not meet a stranger. Her love is ballet, and God has gifted her with an amazing talent for dance. With Ava Mae around there is never a dull moment as the world is her stage.  She brings such joy to our life and the lives of those she is around.

For her birthday she wanted a huge birthday party - unfortunately, I had to remind her this year it was pick a friend or two for a special fun outing. Though a little disappointed, she understood. Ava Mae chose her best friend, Maddie Bell to spend the weekend with.

On Friday night, the birthday girl, her best friend, Lexi, and myself attended a ballet. The ballet was based on the book "Hind's Feet". Though some parts may have gone over Ava Mae and Maddie Bell's head, they really enjoyed the dancing. Afterward, Ava Mae was awarded the privilege of meeting the lead in the ballet - she greeted Ava Mae with "I hear you were the special birthday girl in the audience tonight". This made Ava's evening.

On Saturday, all three girls and myself headed to the salon for manicures. It was Ava Mae's first mani and now that she knows what it is about she has asked if we can do this more often.

Sunday, was Ava Mae's official birthday and we enjoyed having pizza after church at one of our favorite pizza places. Followed by cheesecake at home. 

 It was a wonderful birthday weekend!