Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ava Mae Turns "8"!

This past Sunday we celebrated Ava Mae's 8th birthday. Ava Mae is our social butterfly - she does not meet a stranger. Her love is ballet, and God has gifted her with an amazing talent for dance. With Ava Mae around there is never a dull moment as the world is her stage.  She brings such joy to our life and the lives of those she is around.

For her birthday she wanted a huge birthday party - unfortunately, I had to remind her this year it was pick a friend or two for a special fun outing. Though a little disappointed, she understood. Ava Mae chose her best friend, Maddie Bell to spend the weekend with.

On Friday night, the birthday girl, her best friend, Lexi, and myself attended a ballet. The ballet was based on the book "Hind's Feet". Though some parts may have gone over Ava Mae and Maddie Bell's head, they really enjoyed the dancing. Afterward, Ava Mae was awarded the privilege of meeting the lead in the ballet - she greeted Ava Mae with "I hear you were the special birthday girl in the audience tonight". This made Ava's evening.

On Saturday, all three girls and myself headed to the salon for manicures. It was Ava Mae's first mani and now that she knows what it is about she has asked if we can do this more often.

Sunday, was Ava Mae's official birthday and we enjoyed having pizza after church at one of our favorite pizza places. Followed by cheesecake at home. 

 It was a wonderful birthday weekend!

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