Friday, February 26, 2010

All Our Bags are Packed ...

Dog is groomed, name tags made, trading pin lanyards ready, online check in complete ... just one sleep left until we head to Disney. Our plan originally was to make the 7 hour drive on Sunday but, there is the most amazing Discount Christian Bookstore right on the Florida/Georgia line off of 75 that we just have to stop at. No book is over $3 and they have some really great stuff! I normally stock up on gifts, books for the kids, and devotionals for at least a whole year. So we decided to just drive half way on Saturday, after my husband gets done coaching my son's first baseball practice for the Spring Season.

I have already heard the typical ... "I'm too excited to sleep" from my kids this evening. I don't blame them ... I am super excited too! Though I am just as excited about our stop tomorrow night at the bookstore. ;)

Disney ... here we come!!

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