Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tie Dye Cards - an American Girl Doll Camp Craft

Here is one of our projects from my American Girl Doll Camp last week ... this project went along with the historical doll, Julie, whose era was the 1970's.

Tie Dyeing paper is not the same process as tie dyeing fabric. To give our paper that look we used shaving cream, alcohol inks and glossy cardstock.

It was a huge hit!!

To make your own tie dyed looking cardstock just follow these simple directions:

Spray shaving cream onto a plastic disposable plate (do not use gel shaving cream).

Add a few drops from each bottle of alcohol ink (we used three coordinating colors) to the shaving cream.

Using a plastic knife drag the knife through the drops of ink in the shaving cream. This should give your inks a more swirled look.

Place cardstock, glossy side down, into the shaving cream. Tap lightly then pick up the cardstock carefully, turn and repeat. The girls each did this about five times to get the appropriate amount of ink coverage on their cardstock.

Once you are satisfied with the way your cardstock looks remove from shaving cream and wipe with a paper towel.

We then stamped our cardstock with line image stamps.

All the girls just loved this technique and the way their cards turned out. It is a very easy craft to do with kids just make sure all the children are wearing either a crafting apron or tshirt as alcohol inks will stain.

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