Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Projects

With our Homeschool Halloween Party quickly approaching I wanted to get a few projects done before we host on Friday.

I love all these fun pumpkin ideas I have seen on blogs recently and so with two different types of paint in hand my first project was to transform three of our pumpkins.

I got some assistance in prepping the pumpkins by wiping them down with a damp cloth and then drying them really well. For the copper pumpkins I chose to use real pumpkins I purchased at the grocery store for just $2.49 each. I worked in small sections as I did not want to spray paint the pumpkin stem.

This is the finished project ...

Next I chose to use one of our permanent pumpkins and paint it with chalkboard paint. I have seen quite a few of these with black chalkboard paint but, I would like to use the pumpkin for Thanksgiving decor too so I chose a green chalkboard paint.
The second project for the weekend was this fun Halloween Garland made from a scrapbook kit.
My last project was some baking that I needed to do for our Sunday School class - it was our turn to bring breakfast. I made banana bread and an apple caramel bundt cake - both of them were a big hit and the kids were glad we had a few slices leftover so they could eat some too.


Katie said...

where did you get your halloween garland scrapbook kit?

Alicia said...

Michael's near ECPC - on a rack near the checkouts. They were on clearance with all the other Halloween type scrapbooking items. They had lots of fun things to choose from.

Amanda said...

Aw man, so sad that I missed Sunday School. That cake looks great!