Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Field Trip and a Thanksgiving Play

This past week we had our November field trip. Our homeschool group went to the Fernbank museum to see a new exhibit and an IMax movie. The exhibit - Water H2O Life was great! So many interactive areas and the kids seemed to be engaged by it all. We ended up going through twice because, we had less than an hour the first time before our movie began. The kids always enjoy exhibits with lots of hands on learning opportunities. The IMax movie entitled "Mystery of the Nile River"was also really good! It chronicled the first successful journey by an expedition team down the Nile River from source to the Mediterranean Sea. Though we had studied this river before and I knew it was dangerous I had no idea it was the most dangerous river in the world. The hour long movie kept us all on the edge of our seats and reminded me of Disney's Soarin with all the fly overs. The only glitch in our day was the fact that our youngest had drank a bottle of water on our trip to the museum and apparently had an upset stomach because, said contents of her stomach came back up as we were standing in line for the movie. Thankfully, I was surrounded by friends who were happy to watch my children and my friend's sons who I also had with me as she was under the weather. I just prayed as Ava Mae and I went dashing out of the theater that we would make it to a bathroom in time - thankfully we did and she never got sick again.
Ava Mae made a quick recovery and was bouncing around by afternoon and completely fine by evening which was a good thing as yesterday was her Thanksgiving Play and she did not want to miss it. Ava Mae was an Indian just like her sister Lexi a few years ago in the same Kindergarten Play. They always get picked for that part as they need girls with long hair that can be braided. :) Ava Mae was adorable as were the rest of the kids in the class!

Looking forward to next week - just three days of school with no extra-curricular activities and one of those days the kids will get to spend at my husband's office. The day before Thanksgiving his company sends everyone home at noon and there is never anyone in the office anyway so he lets the kids tag along - they love it. On Monday and Tuesday we will be working on our Pilgrim Lapbook.

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