Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp Crafty Girls {Day 3}

Last day of camp was all about wrapping up projects we needed to finish and working on three smaller projects, that did not require any major drying time.

{Pictured below is the necklace we made earlier this week.}

Today we made rainbow cupcakes in a jar ...

bookmarks from paint sample cards that we hand stamped ...

and Rose Pins made from felt we cut in circles and rolled.

And then it was time for Camp Crafty Girls 2011 to come to a close ... we signed shirts and said our goodbyes. Already thinking ahead to next year's camp and what projects the girls would love to do. Tigger, our cat, was sad to see the girls go too ... he enjoyed the snacks they gave him each day and the cute collars they were always crafting him.

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