Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Timothy Service Project: Operation Write Home

I love that Timothy requires a service project from each class every semester and I always look forward to having my kids participate or coming up with an idea for the class I am teaching.
This semester I chose Operation Write Home for my Rubberstamping Class. I felt the service project tied in well to what the class was about.

Operation Write Home is a wonderful non-profit organization that sends hand-made cards to military units serving overseas. {There are no card stores in Baghdad.} It allows the service people to choose a card to mail back to the States to their family and friends. Having a brother who served two tours in Iraq I know how appreciated these types of services are.

The deadline for Christmas Cards is October 31st so we decided to go with that type of card. The girls did a great job prepping and helping stamp the cards.

Hoping these cards bless some of our brave troops overseas!

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

WOW! what an amazing organization. the kids did a fantastic job making the christmas cards.