Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Recipe} : Best Ever Banana Cake

With a recipe title like that I just had to give it a try! Ava Mae and I have been trying to come up with activities to keep her busy while Lexi is spending the month in summer dance intensive. I had four over ripe bananas sitting in our fruit basket that I was going to toss out and then I remembered this cake recipe.

One warning, it is not a quick recipe but, it is so super yummy! The only substitution I made from the original recipe was to replace the buttermilk with fat-free milk - making the cake a little bit lighter. Also, I ended up using a store bought whipped cream cheese frosting rather than the homemade frosting the recipe calls for.

The cake was a huge hit in our home and my girlfriend's two year old daughter also loved it! It reminds me of banana bread - just a little bit lighter. Make sure you follow the recipe's slow cooking approach at a lower temp. It seems those who tried to speed things up ended up with a mushy center to their cake. Ours turned out perfectly - so good I hardly even had any left to get a good picture of.

You can find the recipe here at

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