Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Crafty Girls {2012} ~ Day 2

Another great day at Camp Crafty Girls!! Just love all these girls ... such sweet hearts and they all get along so well. I am having just as much fun as they are! {Pictured above: One of the creative Camp Crafty Girl tshirts we made yesterday with bleach pens. Pictured below: A quick group shot at the end of camp today.}

Our craftiness today ...

{Canvases with Paper Piecing Flowers}

{Glass Pendant Necklaces}

{Frosting Roses on Cupcakes}

The girls continued to work on their Mini Books.

When we weren't crafting ... there was always some sort of ballet dancing going on probably because almost all of the girls in camp are also in ballet.

At lunch break the campers watch a fun 20 minute program called "Cake TV" it is about three girls who have their own craft television show. They love it!

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