Monday, September 10, 2012

Week in Review : Two Weeks Behind Us

Two weeks done and behind us ... last week was a little crazy. Wednesday morning I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone. Thankfully, I appear to be on the mend! So grateful for my husband who always handles medical emergencies with such understanding and wonderful friends who don't ask what they can do but, just provide meals and help with childcare! Such blessings in my life.

Thankful also that the kidney stone occurred after our monthly homeschool group meeting on Tuesday night. Though I wasn't feeling well I was not in serious pain at this point. This was our second meeting of the year. I am loving my role as the new co-leader along with my friend, Rena. We had big shoes to fill but, everyone has been so sweet and gracious in welcoming us as the new leaders and some of the changes we have made.

Teaching at Timothy on Friday was a little bit of a challenge as I was still in pain but, I had my husband {who teaches the class after me} and my daughter, who is my assistant in the classroom with me. I ended up going with our service project for the semester rather than attempting any crafting. I have the sweetest bunch of girls in my class and not one of them complained that we were not working on a craft. They all jumped right in to the service project {letters to "Any Hero" for Operation Write Home} with sweet hearts.

Our school week went pretty smooth even with the bump in the road. All work got completed and the only aspect we missed was no History.

Saturday was Devin's first game of the Fall baseball season and his first official game in the 11 - 12 year old league. He did so amazing - pitching 3 innings with 5 strikeouts and receiving the game ball for Defensive Player of the Game. Way to go Angels on your first win of the season!

Sunday Devin and Lexi served for the first time as Ambassadors in NOISE {our children's church for kids in Kindergarten - 3rd grade}. They were both so excited. I love that we are all can serve together now on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Praying life returns to a more normal pace this week!

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