Thursday, November 14, 2013

Art Birthday Party {Painted Initial Canvas}

When Ava Mae decided on an Art Birthday Party I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration ...

We decided painted canvases and jewelry boxes would be good projects for this age group. I covered our dining room table in butcher paper. And, each girl had supplies at their spot - canvas, paint brushes, paint tray.

We had several color schemes to pick from for the canvases but, it seemed all the girls either wanted blue or purple. We began the project by taping each child's initial on the canvas. Then we had the girls paint a stripe of dark and a stripe of light colored paint down the canvas - one after another. It was not easy as I thought it would be - the pin I had did not mention that the tape might easily pull up. We had to have the girls constantly go over the tape with their fingers to get a tight seal before they started painting.

When the paint dried we pulled up the painter's tape.  Some edges still pulled up and paint got underneath during the process.Thankfully, I had purchased white paint and it was easy to touch up the canvases. Here was my daughter's finished canvas - 

Food for the party was simple ... we had lots of colorful things to pick from - fruit, veggies, crackers, and various dips. For the cake ... we did cupcakes. All were frosted in different colors  and we added breadsticks which resembled paintbrushes stuck in a pot of paint.

A bonus for this type of party is that you already have a nice favor ... we also gave the girls some art supplies in their favor bags to take home. 

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