Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days and Counting ...

Tonight was family night, the first one I have been truly able to enjoy in the last two weeks. Yesterday I woke up finally feeling a little better, at least having the strength to get up and out of bed. I hope to never again have pneumonia or, at least, not at Christmas.
One of the Irish traditions we wanted to add this year to our Christmas celebration was a Yule Log. The kids and Daune went out this week and collected items for us to decorate a large piece of firewood with. We will light the Yule Log for 12 nights beginning on Christmas Night through the Epiphany.

We also made sugar cookies tonight ... we tried a new method of decorating the cookies. We painted them with an egg yolk and food dye prior to baking them. Then after they came out we decorated the Christmas trees. Each of the kids had their own cookie to have fun with. We also decorated a few for Santa.

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