Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News

The culmination of another year of ballet and tap ... the recital. Last year as I sat watching my two girls dance in their recital, for another studio, I questioned the decision I had made to pull them out and place them in a Christian Ballet School. I worried that moving Lexi from a professional company school would set her back. I know, crazy thoughts, when you think Lexi is right now is only six years old.

All of my worries though were put aside on Saturday when I watched Lexi dance. I have been told so many times that she has a gift and I feel that the Lord has blessed her with a very special talent. Lexi and I have talked so many times about how she can use that gift to praise God and share that with others. I know that it was God who lead me to this wonderful ballet school she is now attending. She loves her teacher and she loves Ms. Lisa (the ballet school director) who has such a love for all the girls.

And, Ava Mae, she is just having a great time ... at 4 years old she loves dance, like her sister but, she is in it for the dress up time in class and the flowers at the end of recital.

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Renee said...

Sweet girls. They look like they are having a ball!