Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Season Ends ...

Tuesday night was our Upward Baseball Team's end of the year party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was so nice to see all the players and parents outside of the ball fields. This team has been really special to my husband, who is in his second year of coaching baseball at Upward, he was gifted with some wonderful players and some players who had never played the game before. At age 7, learning to play baseball for the first time in a league where many boys have played for 3 - 4 years can be hard but, we witnessed some wonderful transformations during our short season.

I think it was such a wonderful testimony to my husband's sweet nature when it comes to coaching, when several parents inquired last night how they could be sure their boys would be on my husband's team again next year. We have made some great friendships and hope to get together over the summer with these families.

Thanks Muckdogs for a great season ... one filled with few wins but, lots of fun!!

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