Monday, November 30, 2009

An Amazing Gift

Last week, right before Thanksgiving a girlfriend called me and asked if I was sitting down, I was waiting to hear something absolutely crazy. It was crazy alright and amazing ... our friends had extra VIP tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert and were inviting us to attend with them.

The concert was last night and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the girls and I. We were even able to bless one of our other friends with a ticket. We met up with our friends at their home in Buckhead to get dressed, then off to OK Cafe for dinner, after that we headed to the concert. The tickets came with a suite and VIP Parking right outside our suite at Philips Arena - I think all of that was lost on the girls but, the ease of getting in and out of Philips Arena was a wonderful treat for me!

Miley Cyrus performed for 90 minutes and the music and set changes were spectacular! The girls were just in awe ... it will be a night we will not soon forget. What an amazing gift!

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Ashley said...

What a wonderful surprise! Looks like everything was a ton of fun! My niece loves Miley Cyrus, but really, what little girl doesn't?