Monday, November 9, 2009

Rock Ranch

Another amazing field trip! Today we headed to Rock Ranch located about an hour South of Atlanta in Barnesville. RR is Truett Cathy's working cattle ranch but, it is so much more than that. Everything from a petting zoo, awesome playground, and hayride to the special themed field trips. Our field trip today was Pilgrims to Pioneer Days. The kids were able to grind corn, see what a log cabin was like back in the days of Abraham Lincoln, learn about the first Thanksgiving, and talk about Native Americans. My favorite station we rotated through had to be the First Thanksgiving - this station was taught by a sweet older woman who anyone would want for a grandmother. She shared with us that she has baked over 3,000 little corn muffins to give out at the end of her talk in the last few weeks and will have baked over 5,000 by the time she is done in a few weeks.

Here are our pictures ...

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Kim said...

I love this! I have never heard of it before now. What is the cost and age range?