Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Lexi!

Today is Lexi's 8th birthday, our sweet girl is growing up so quickly. Lexi decided months ago that she wanted a spa party. We invited twelve little girls to join us today to celebrate. We polished nails, curled hair, made lip gloss, and dispensed lots of glitter spray and body powder. It was so much fun but, I am so thankful for the help of a sweet teenager and another mom as there was no way I could have done all of this with 14 girls (including my two).
Lexi with a few of her good friends ... JK, Anna Beth, Daley, Sophie and Hannah.
A few of the girls working on their lip gloss made from scratch (a combination of Vaseline, honey, and Kool Aid)
The curling station.
A sampling of our "spa food" ...
And what party would not be complete without cake ... devil's food cupcakes with pink glitter frosting and candy lip gloss or candy rings.
Happy Birthday Lexi! We are so proud of the young woman you are growing into... God has given you such a sweet caring heart and so many talents. We love seeing each year, a little more of God's plan for your life.

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Vic said...

every little gal loves a spa day!:) how fabulous...happy birthday to a perfect Beauty!