Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In!

The kids are enjoying all the fun that snow brings with it! For the last two days we have enjoyed sledding, snow ball fights, and just playing in the snow. We even managed to get all of our school work done! Six inches of snow up North may not sound like much but, here in the South it brings everything to a stand still. I must remember in the future when preparing for a "snowpocalypse" to buy food for several more days than what the weather man predicts we will be snowed in for. I am thankful for great neighbors ... one neighbor with 4 wheel drive bought us milk when she braved our street and headed out to the store, another neighbor brought us homemade soup and pasta, while another neighbor helped us shovel our driveway and the hill in front of our home so that tomorrow we should be able to get out and get some groceries. (Our driveway sits in a precarious spot - when the road in front of our house ices over and we back out we just slide down the hill sideways - we have been lucky in the past to avoid the neighbor's mailbox but, only by inches. This year I was prepared and actually bought an ice melt product but, to get the product to work you must clear as much snow and ice as possible from the road.)

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