Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays {151 - 179}

151. a sweet video of my new nephew

152. friends over for lunch

153. 4 hour playdate in beautiful spring weather

154. being able to bless others with our outgrown clothes

155. conversations with my dear friend's 3 year old, which make me smile

156. bumblebees

157. excitement of finding a bird has flown into our home

158. catching that bird safely and returning it outside

159. consignment sales

160. allergy medication

161. watching our golden retriever chasing bubbles the kids are blowing

162. our swingset, which not only entertains our children but, neighborhood kids and friends

163. a great state park close to our home

164. tadpoles

165. lots of pictures of my new baby nephew

166. great teachers at Timothy who are patient and kind

167. rain to bring down the pollen count

168. school planning done for this year

169. curriculum decisions made for next year

170. seeing ducks swimming in a large rain puddle

171. awesome presentations by my history students

172. Spring Break is here!

173. family hike on a beautiful Saturday

174. sunlight glistening on a pond

175. turtles sunning themselves

176. Sunday School in the park

177. Dogwood tree in bloom

178. hosting our mother/daughter bible study

179. sweet girls in our study

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