Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Days : We Are So Blessed

We did not have to drive far ... just a little south of downtown Atlanta. That is all it took for our children to truly understand how blessed we are!

A few weeks ago my husband was approached by a co-worker asking if we would be able to help out with a Christmas Party for an inner city christian preschool. I knew this was the opportunity I had been praying for, even though at the time I could not imagine how we could fit it into our schedule, not to mention, how I felt about taking my children into one of the most dangerous areas of Atlanta.

We were able to purchase gifts for twenty of the children - more than likely the only gifts they will receive on Christmas morning.

We baked cookies for their modest party. {I think my kids were in culture shock for the first twenty minutes of the party.}

My husband, Devin, and Lexi played Christmas songs while Ava Mae and I sang.

Then we were able to enjoy just sitting, talking, and playing with the kids. They were all so curious about my husband and son's guitars. They all wanted a turn trying to play them.

Many of the young girls were enthralled with my girls' hair. In fact, one five year old came up to me and asked "why you not fix their hair this morning ... were you running late". Apparently, your hair is not fixed unless braided, beaded, or done up with clips. They decided to remedy that problem and took to braiding Lexi and Ava Mae's hair. It was absolutely precious.

It was with a heavy heart that I left the preschool center. I wish we could have stayed all day. Many of the preschoolers begged us not to leave and began to cry. It broke my heart. We promised to be back and I already have some ideas I have run by another dear friend - hoping we can do something for them for Valentine's Day.

Thanking God today for this opportunity we were given ... thankful for the bible study I did this fall that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and go where God is leading - no questions asked. Thankful for the precious children we were able to enjoy today. Thankful for the opportunity to remind myself and show our children how blessed we are!


Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

oh what a wonderful gift to experience this Christmas. i love the picture of the girls braiding your girl's hair. how darling.
i hope it does work out & you're able to go back in February. the kids would be so excited.

Jeremy and Kara said...

Alicia, we would like to join you guys when you go back if that could be worked out. We are trying to help Claire realize that you don't have to live on another continent to not have as much as we do, that it happens right here in Atlanta every day. Let me know. See you at the January meeting. Thanks, Kara Myers