Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Weeks with Miranda

Three weeks are now behind us ... 21 days, why must time always move so fast. Not to say those days have all been fun and easy. We have dealt with some very hard issues. Issues my husband and dear friends have helped me walk through. Issues I wish had never touched this child. I am thankful for a clear answer from God on how we were to proceed ... an answer that after lots of prayer and some time away has given me peace. "Peace" my word for the year ... and while I feel peace, it is not without heartbreak. I will say again, hosting is not for the faint of heart.

This past week Miranda experienced our New Year's Eve party, horseback riding for the first time {she was a natural}, and an art class. {Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful lesson and the photographs.}

In all of this, Miranda's English has blossomed. She now tries so hard to speak English before asking for the translator. For the most part, I can understand completely what she is talking about. It is wonderful and I remember those early days when I thought she would never speak her own language around us let alone English.

We have now begun our last week with Miranda ... there is still so much wisdom I want to impart on her. I also want to continue to encourage her walk with God. Miranda has begun to ask us not to send her back ... it is not an option to keep her. Thankfully, I think Miranda is finally understanding she must go back - we are trying to get her excited about seeing her friends and sharing what all she has done here and passing out all the gifts we are sending back. It has also helped that we are planning a "Going Away" party for her and she is loving that she can help plan all the details. We sat yesterday and put lots of tools in place for us to contact each other.

For all those still following our journey ... prayers please for these last days together. Pray for Miranda as she heads back to Latvia - for her 20+ hour travel, prayer for our children as they let her go - there are tears already, prayers for all the families in this program as important decisions are made.

I am so thankful to Jesus for this life altering experience He has given me!

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Margie said...

Alicia, you are doing much better about blogging your journey than I am. But, I think we are experiencing much of the same. When I read your blog I feel like it's partly mine as well. We are bracing ourselves for the final good-bye as well. You're right, hosting is not for the faint of heart.