Saturday, February 9, 2013

Father-Daughter Dance : Take 1 and 2 {2013}

Our church hosts a wonderful Father-Daughter Dance each year. This year Lexi and Ava Mae were able to go on separate nights {they divide up the attendees based on age}. It was a special night for both girls. 

First up ... the girls and their friends had to get their nails done.

Take 1 {Thursday Night} ~ Lexi

Take 2 {Friday Night} ~ Ava Mae

Love, love, love the Neiman Marcus dresses I found at Target on clearance after the holidays for the girls! Both girls enjoyed their evenings - special time with Dad all to themselves. They also had lots of fun with their friends who attended. It is such an amazing community outreach event - we are blessed with a wonderful associate pastor, church staff,  and volunteers who help put on this event each year.

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