Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Field Trips in Two Days

After no field trips last month, we made up for it this month with three field trips in two days. We started out with an educational trip on Wednesday to Medieval Times - wonderful food and the kids really enjoyed watching the program. I had never been before and was not expecting much - I was definitely impressed. It was nice going on a school day - we were there with only three other private schools.

After Medieval Times we headed over to a new indoor trampoline place called Sky Zone. All three of our kids love trampolines, who doesn't, right. Lexi and Ava Mae have been working hard on their side and front aerials {they desperately want to take acro dance}, so they appreciated the practice. They both spent a solid hour on a trampoline just working those moves. The trampolines are much better than anything they had been on before in someone's backyard and they would have stayed all day. Devin enjoyed trying out all the areas - trampoline basketball court and foam pit.

Yesterday, was indoor rock climbing with our GENESIS 1:TEN group. Two hours of scaling indoor walls. We even got Ava Mae climbing - who is normally afraid of heights but, the poor child was suffering from a neck injury from her tumbling at Sky Zone. She was  good sport though and really wanted to climb, pain or no pain.

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