Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dance Recital {2013}

And, the curtain closes ... on another year of dance! Lexi and Ava Mae had their ballet recitals this past weekend.

Little Ava Mae has always loved dance but, this year she finished her first year of Pre-Invitational Classes and I could really tell how much she has grown as a dancer. 

I thought it was funny one parent even asked if Ava Mae takes private lessons ... um, yes, from herself. Seriously, this child dances 24/7.  When she isn't at dance she is home watching You Tube videos and emulating every dance move she does not know yet. Of course, it helps to have an older sister who dances!

This Mouseketeer dance was amazing! And, it was a complete surprise to find out there was an original Mouseketeer in the audience who came backstage after the first recital to have her picture made with the girls.

Lexi continues to grow as a dancer as well. I can say sending her to a full month of summer dance intensive last year really made a difference.

She has begun to really show her flexibility and acro talent in jazz. She absolutely loves her jazz/lyrical teacher Ms. Kelly! It is one of her favorite classes.

Lexi also had the opportunity this year to help with  a 3 year old ballet/tap class.  Such an adorable little class of girls who all see Lexi as their new best friend.

This dance recital marked the 20th year anniversary of our ballet studio ... Our director, Ms. Lisa began the studio with just a handful of girls and a 14 minute recital their first year. Wow, have things have grown! Ms. Lisa is amazing and it was so special to hear all the girls who came back and spoke at her reception. We love you BIG Ms. Lisa!!

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Anonymous said...

So fun!

And I love your reply about Ava Mae getting private lessons from herself! That made me laugh!

The daughter of one of my dearest friends is a very gifted dancer and has done a lot of self-learning b/c of where they live. She does dance with a studio there, but there are limits. She came back to the States to do Ballet Magnificat a few years ago and loved that.

Dance is such a neat form of expression and a great outlet, too!

Praying for your family still and that God continues to pave the way ahead for the adoption as He has been!