Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Rewind {Aug 30, 2013 ~ Our First Week of School}

We survived the first week of school! Woo Hoo!! And, I should say we not only survived but, everyone was still smiling on Friday - bonus points for that! It was our first week with an almost full schedule {only thing missing was our Monday Middle School/High School PE class for Devin and Hope which will begin on September 9th}.
This year Devin, Lexi, and Ava Mae are in Classical Conversations - they are all doing the Foundations program and Devin and Lexi are also enrolled in the Essentials program. Hope is enjoying her time in the nursery working with the little kids. This is new for us this year but, just what our family needed as we tackle adding a new child to our homeschool mix and finish up required trips for our adoption. We love our community and all the friends we get to attend school with!

We are all back at Timothy this year too ... I am teaching Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology and Knitting for Beginners and Advanced Students. So thankful that Devin and Lexi are both assisting me in my science class and Hope in my knitting class - as my student count in both is high. The kids each have an enrichment class or two they are taking this semester. 

Pictured above is our fun science project of the week ... we made models of animal cells out of jello and different candy.

In other news this week, Hope had her check up this week at the pediatrician - everything looks good and she just needed to get 4 shots this go round. Brave girl ... I think I freaked out more than she did. Devin is now on the JFCA Middle School Fall Baseball Team - a goal he has had for the last two years. We are proud of him and he is so happy to have begun practices!


Elizabeth Isaak said...

Fantastic! You know, when you read this post too quickly, you think you were talking about knitting for
Anatomy and Physiology. That would make for some really weird and perhaps awkward knitting projects. ;-)

Chef Penny said...

Anytime you can end a school week smiling is a successful week!