Thursday, September 25, 2008

An American Girl Birthday

This past Saturday, Lexi turned 6! We celebrated with an American Girl Birthday celebration. She was allowed to invite her best friend, Grace, to join us at the American Girl Bistro for Lunch. A few close family friends attended along with myself and Lexi's little sister. This year we are focusing more on small birthday celebrations rather than our birthday extravaganza's of the past. Though those were great also a small gathering is just so much more fun without all the stress that goes with a large birthday party.

Lexi was able to pick another AG Doll and this time she chose Kit. We loved the movie featuring Kit and now with the doll and some of her fun toys she can act out the movie and the book we are reading.

Another special treat ... Lexi was able to get her ears pierced. Something she really wanted to do and so we agreed.

Sometimes I look at Lexi and wonder where the last six years have gone. A friend of mine posted a quote on her Facebook page and it rings true ... "When you are a Mom the days can be so long and the years so short."

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