Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Begins with Six Flags

Today was my husband's company picnic at Six Flags. It was our once a year visit to this amusement park. The kids really look forward to it. The first time we attended this company picnic was in 2004 and I was just two weeks away from giving birth to Ava Mae.

I think today was probably the warmest of all over visits. With high temps around 90 degrees it was not the most enjoyable experience we have ever had at the company picnic. I think the kids were even done after walking around for around three hours.

I did get some pictures I liked. I think I forgot to share in my last post that my daughter, Ava Mae, had played around with my camera this past week and I think changed every setting I had on my camera. It took me forever to figure how to reset everything to how I like it.

What is funny about today is that the kid's equate the beginning of Fall with Daddy's company picnic. So I guess today officially begins Fall for our family. Next we can look forward to our annual visit to the pumpkin farm, picking apples, making lots of apples desserts and Halloween.

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