Friday, September 19, 2008

A French Meal

One of the great pieces of curriculum we use and love is Five In A Row. That paired with World Culture and Cook Books from Usborne rounds out our study this Fall of World Cultures. We needed a little break from Story of the World and this World Culture Study has fit really well into our studies this Fall.

Five In A Row is great. It uses a great children's book that you read for five days and each day you choose an area to focus on out of the book. For instance, one day you might study the artwork in the book or what we have chosen to do is the Geography and History. These past two weeks we have read "Mirette on the High Wire". The book is set in 19th century Paris and features a boarding house and a tight rope walker. My kids just love studying France and think taking a field trip there is something we should do. So far, they have had to settle for France in Epcot. :)

Cooking is something we like to incorporate into our cultural studies. We have fixed a few recipes over the last two weeks that friends (thanks Ivette and Michelle) forwarded to me. Yesterday, the kids got to cook by themselves. We opted for simple recipes for them to prepare. They made a quiche with bacon and cheddar cheese and; chocolate croissants. Both recipes used easy prep items such as a frozen pie shell for the quiche and Pillsbury refrigerated croissants that the kids rolled chocolate chips into.

The meal turned out well, though I ended up making the fruit salad to go along with it, as the kids were done cooking after twenty minutes.

Next week you can join us on the road as we head to Asheville, North Carolina for the Biltmore House Homeschool Festival. We are also planning a trip to an apple orchard and gem mining, one of the kids' favorite things to do.

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