Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Week of Camps

This past week Devin and Lexi finished another week of camps. Devin was enrolled in Higher Power Baseball Camp and Lexi in FCC (Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders) Competitive Cheerleading Camp.

Devin loves baseball and did not mind being in sweltering heat all week long from 9AM - 3PM. He would come home every day covered in red clay dust excited to return the next day. Of course, one of his favorite parts of camp was when they were given baseball cards and some time to trade them.

Lexi enjoyed a week of Competitive Cheerleading, something she has asked to do for the last two years. Lexi would really like to do Competitive Cheerleading in the Fall and, so, this was her first taste of what it would be like. She loved it! Now, she is just trying to convince her best friend to love it too so they can both compete this Fall.

Lexi's favorite part of Cheerleading Camp ... stunts.

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