Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Pool Day for the Summer

Yesterday the kids finally talked me in to heading to our Club for a swim. I love swimming, as do my fish, I mean kids, the hard part is getting in the pool for the first time each summer. I try hard to make sure that first day of swimming is warm ... really warm. Once I sit in the sun for awhile, I feel like jumping in even if the pool water is freezing.

This season so far we have had a lot of rain and some cooler days and mornings, keeping the pool pretty cold. Yesterday though was perfect, our first 90 degree day, not a cloud in the sky, the absolutely best pool weather! We had to be home at a set time as I had plans for the afternoon so it was a quick 2 hour swim, rather than our marathon swimming sessions which can go on for 4+ hours. Plenty of time for those later this summer. We are looking forward to many more pool days this summer ...

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