Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp Winshape ... Thanks for the Memories!

Devin and Lexi finished up at Camp Winshape today with the Chick-Fil-A Family Fun Day. My husband, Ava Mae and I were able to follow Devin and Lexi around to all their tracks, and participate in Opening and Closing Ceremonies plus, Chick-Fil-A lunch was provided for everyone. This was Devin's second year at Winshape and Lexi's first. It is an amazing camp, the counselors are sweet and caring, the activities are wonderful and, the message the kids take away is always great.

Counselors lead all the tribes in opening music to get everyone moving ...

The last talon is awarded to the "Ocean"tribe.

Daune, Devin and Ava Mae at Town Square.

Lexi on the balance beam at gymnastics.

Closing Ceremony ... the SkyHawk from the Atlanta Hawks performed his flying feats, while teaching everyone how to rely on God.
Devin was selected to give dunking a try ... I was scared to death wondering what he was actually going to do. Thankfully, Devin decided not to try and fly at the last second and just shoot a basket.

Devin with his Camp Counselor. We did not know until today that Devin was awarded camper of the day, for his tribe, on Tuesday.

Lexi and her super sweet Camp Counselor.

Lexi, Devin and Makayla enjoying a Chick-Fil-A lunch.

Camp Winshape ... Devin and Lexi thank you for another wonderful week of camp memories!! See ya next year!

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