Friday, January 22, 2010

Field Trip: Governor's Mansion

Yesterday we took a historical field trip to the Governor's Mansion. We laughed at the fact that the Governor's Mansion seems to pale in comparison to some of the mansions surrounding it in Buckhead. We learned about the history of this historical home and the furnishings, paintings and artwork that grace its halls.

We even were able to have a quick impromptu conversation with the Governor's Chef, who has been the executive chef for all the governors over the last 23 years. My children's takeaway memory was the cool button built into the floor in the dining room that rings when pushed by the Governor summoning the cook or wait staff to return to the dining room.

Lunch afterward was at one of our favorite restaurants with our nearest and dearest homeschool friends!! Perfect end to a great field trip.

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Kim said...

Great pictures! I loved the sweet docents, too! They made me want to go back at Christmas!