Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ballet Magnificat

Last night the girls and I attended Ballet Magnificat - it was a Mother/Daughter Event and we had a wonderful time! We started the night at California Pizza Kitchen with some of Lexi's fellow Pre-Invitational Dancers and their Moms then it was off to the ballet. The program was just amazing. The ballerinas truly showed what it meant to dance for the "Glory of God". It was a night of worshipping God through dance.

Ava Mae made a very important decision during the evening - she decided she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. She was so overyjoyed that one of the Ballet Magnificat Company dancers chose to pray with her. It will be a night I will not soon forget.

The pictures below were taken by Lexi - I love that she shares my passion of capturing life through photographs.

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Chocolateer said...

That looks amazing! I participate in worship dance at my church...but we don't have near that level of skill. How beautiful and what a wonderful story your daughter will have to share about the day she asked Jesus into her heart!