Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we studied Ireland and learned more about the St. Patrick's Day holiday. The kids enjoyed hearing more about St. Patrick. I had found this awesome book at that great Discount Christian Bookstore I had written about previously. They also worked on polishing up some of their Gaelic they have learned.
Of course, my kids were not into a traditional Irish Meal. So, instead of Irish Stew, they ended up eating Chicken Fingers and French Fries though they did have green lemonade to go along with it.
Lexi's first tutoring session went great! She really likes her tutor and I feel pretty confident about the new approach we are taking to Reading. I like the curriculum so much that I plan on using it with Ava Mae also.

We continued to work through final lessons in all of our workbooks. I feel like we will be done with school by the 2nd week of May. Then it will be on to review books, reading and journaling for the summer.

Those were our highlights ... tonight the girl's and I attended a Mother/Daughter Event. We saw Ballet Magnificat - it was amazing! I plan a separate post tomorrow on that. Lexi took quite a few pictures and I wanted to highlight a few.

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Anonymous said...

I like your plans for the summer: reading and journaling. And I wish I could have seen Ballet Magnificat! It sounds wonderful. But I'll pass on the green lemonade. :-)