Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lots of Valentine Fun

This week we had so much fun preparing for all of our Valentine activities ... the kids needed valentines for all of their friends at Timothy, Lexi needed cards for all of the girls in our Secret Keeper Bible Study Slumber Party on Saturday night, then we prepared cards for all of the kids Sunday School teachers, more cards crafted for the kids in my Georgia History Class and, for the Valentine's Day Party we are hosting at our home on Monday for over 20 kids and moms from our church.

I would loved to have hand stamped each card we needed but, I decided realistically I would have needed to start right after Christmas to have time to complete them all plus, there was the issue of Devin really just wanting a Star Wars theme for his cards. So we compromised, it was store bought cards for half of what we needed and handmade for the other half.

Plus, as Ava Mae reminded me this afternoon, it really is all about the candy that you give with each Valentine.

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

that looks so much fun. you are one crafty momma.