Saturday, February 12, 2011

Secret Keeper Girls Slumber Party

Lexi and I are taking part in a wonderful bible study (Secret Keeper Girls) with a few of our closest friends. It is a mother/daughter bible study and focuses on teaching our girls all about what a friendship should look like.

My dear friend, Candy is leading the study and she is amazing.
Tonight was our first date with our daughters and it was a slumber party (though we chose as a group to have the party only last until 9PM). The girls played a fast paced competitive game called "Sixes" and then made pillowcases which all the girls signed with encouraging words about each other.

It was all tied together in the end with the girls seeing how friendships that looked like our "Sixes" game would not be fun at all - we would much rather have a friendship that was like our encouraging words on our pillowcases.
Lexi and I had great conversation on the way to the slumber party and on the way home. So glad to be walking this path in life with wonderful friends!

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

oh how fun & exciting! the girl look like they are having a fun time. What a great bible study for girls.