Monday, March 14, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays {111 - 129}

111. fun night at Chuck E Cheese with the kids

112. time out with homeschool friends

113. Devin teaching Ava Mae her math lesson

114. time to hug a friend I have been praying for

115. a new Cuisinart Waffle Maker for only $10

116. practicing music and lines with the kids for their upcoming performance in "Pirates of Penzance" with the Atlanta Opera

117. a beautiful Saturday for baseball and ballet

118. great season opener for Devin and his baseball team

119. Devin being the starting pitcher and nailing his first inning - 3 up 3 down

120. a beautiful ballet performance by both my girls

121. friends who came to see the girls dance

122. enjoying lunch with friends after the ballet

123. having light for longer in the evening

124. Great Horned Owls outside my bedroom window

125. said owls deciding to finally fly away so I could go back to sleep

126. beautiful signs of Spring

127. Cardinals and Bluebirds at our birdfeeder

128. fun science experiment making clouds

129. God's grace

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