Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Pirates of Penzance"

What better way to spend St. Patrick's Day then watching our children perform as pirates in "The Pirates of Penzance". It was a short school program put on by the Atlanta Opera. The kids have been working hard on their music and lines and had a ball! Devin's first words to me after the performance were "when can I do that again?".

Devin, Lexi and Ava Mae take after their Dad ... they absolutely love performing.

Thankful for this fun opportunity for them and for the awesome homeschool group we belong to that brings the Atlanta Opera to JFBC every year!

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

AWESOME! Your kids get to do all kind of fun things with the Theater Arts. What a memory:)
Today Isa's class had a field trip to watch a ballet program of "Alice In Wonderland".She absolutely LOVED it. It was the first one she ever watched and can't wait to take her to other shows.