Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - March 11th

It has been a crazy week so I am just getting around to posting a weekly wrap up for our school week. This past week it was all about the girls upcoming ballet performance with lots of ballet classes that ran late and a dress rehearsal all leading up to the Saturday performance but, I'll save all those details for another blog post.

Lexi had a great tutoring session this week and we are so happy with her reading progress. Wilson has been a good fit for us in dealing with Lexi's dyslexia.

The kids also enjoyed a fun science experiment. Lexi and Devin continue with our Apologia science at Timothy but, we enjoy doing some of the experiments at home and right now they are both working on a report that is due this coming Friday on a planet they each have chosen.

Our experiment this week involved creating a cloud. It was really simple but, the kids were amazed at the result. We filled a jar with water heated up in the microwave, then tossed a lit match into the jar and placed an ice pack on top. In no time a cloud formed.

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

oh what fun & exciting science experiment.
and the girls look so pretty in their costumes.