Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Week In Review - September 9th

Our first week of school is done ... all in all it went really well. There were a few grumbles on the first morning but, after a day of schooling we seemed to slide back into our old groove without much resistance. {Pictured above - our school room after the first day ... just keeping it real people.}
This week we studied the importance of our names. I gave each of the kids a print out I had picked up this summer at a Scrapbook Expo which had all about their name. They really liked those. {Behind Ava Mae is our rolling flip chart, a new addition to our school room this year. I absolutely love it. Nice not having to tack things up on our walls.}
We also learned about Leif Ericsson {a Viking} and his discovery of America 492 years before Columbus. At the library we checked out lots of books about Vikings and we read through those after school work was finished each day. We began our timeline and placed the birth of Jesus and Ericsson's discovery of America on it.

We did our first science experiment of the year ... learning how salt in water affects the buoyancy of objects.
Though after coming home from vacation I began to dread the first day of school I have to admit, it actually felt good to get back into a routine. I would have to say one of the easiest starts to our school year ever.

Next week we have our first field trip for the school year ... looking forward to that!

I also just had to put this picture in too ... Ava Mae was so proud to be in a black leotard this year! And while, she is ecstatic I am a little sad not to have anymore ballerinas in pink leotards.

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Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

looks like it great week in school. i bought isabelle a black gymnastics leotard for her birthday. she was so excited. it was a good thing that i got it for her cause all the little girls in her group have them now & she would have felt left out. i have to do a post on that one. Oh & the Sseko sandals are wonderful. Each sandal has a story. they are made in Uganda where the women are making money for college education.