Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remebering ...

Where were you ten years ago today? That seems to be the question everyone is asking today. I can still remember the events of that day, almost perfectly.

It was a beautiful morning here in Atlanta. My business partner at the time had blessed my husband and I by staying the night at our home and taking care of our newborn baby so that we could both get some sleep. I awoke feeling so refreshed ... I remember getting Devin from his bassinet and coming back into our bedroom and turning on the Today Show. Matt Lauer was talking about an incident that had just occurred at the World Trade Center - apparently, they believed, a small plane had flown into Tower 1.

I remember thinking how horrible of an accident. Then on live television I watched, while nursing our newborn son, as an airplane flew into the second tower.
It was at that moment I began to panic. I called my husband - who thankfully was not traveling but, at an office just a few miles from our home. I called my business partner who was out scouting locations for an upcoming wedding for a client. I called my Mom - who normally always had the news on in the morning but, on this morning was refinishing the hardwood floors in their home and did not have any televisions on.

I remember asking my husband to come home ... I remember feeling horrible. I started thinking what an evil world we had brought our new son into. My thoughts immediately went to my brother-in-law who worked in New York City in the same area as the WTC and to my husband's co-workers who were consulting at a client at the WTC. I began to think about my brother who had just signed to go into the military and was waiting to be called up for boot camp. I felt like I was in a fog for days and weeks afterward.

A little over a year and a week later, I gave birth to our second child. Our lives moved forward but, we will never forget! Today our church had a beautiful remembrance service. My ten year old son sat next to us and cried along with us as we remembered all those who lost their lives and those brave men and women who gave their lives rescuing others that fateful day ten years ago. Though there is forgiveness - we will never forget.

Where were you ten years ago today?


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Our stories are very similar. You can read mine at

Nichole said...

I was at work, where we had a small TV that was also tuned to CNN. A group of us were gathered around it watching. I very vividly remember seeing the second plane come in and thinking "This wasn't an accident." Because I worked at a newspaper, I literally couldn't stop reading and watching the coverage.

Katie said...

I wrote on my blog about where I was that terrible day;