Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week End Wrap Up : January 28, 2012

This week we had our first field trip of 2012. The kids and I had been waiting patiently for this field trip since I booked it last summer. It was a reptile show that did not disappoint! I was blown away by the critters the reptile man, Mr. Greg, brought with him. It was a great follow up to our study on reptiles that we did last week in Science.

Science this week brought a science experiment - the kids are recording their results each day as we wait to see the affects of moisture on seeds. The kids were introduced to a control group in an experiment. They have enjoyed checking each day on the seeds to see what is happening.

Also, this week we began to study Walt Disney - his life and how Walt Disney World in Florida came to be. Our plan is to work through studying and learning as much as possible about Walt Disney leading up to our vacation. We will also do a study on all the countries in Epcot. That way when we visit each country the kids can interact with the cast members from those countries and will be able to ask some intelligent questions. All part of my plan to make our vacation one big field trip - don't tell the kids. :) Ticker

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