Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week End Wrap Up : January 21, 2012

This week we continued our study of Early American History - we also studied Ohio. We learned how many settlers heading to Indiana would float down the Ohio River on what would be considered the first "house boats". The kids were quite interested in this unique way of travel for the settlers and I found a great book at the library with really good pictures to read to the kids. {Pictured above a sweet picture of our cat Tigger ... nothing to do with our school week but, cute none the less.}
Ava Mae found a horse crafting book while we were at the library and so this project was her art for the week. She sewed a purse she made out of a pair of old jeans and cut a horse out of felt and stitched it on with embroidery thread. She said she is going to carry the purse when she buys her first horse with her best friend, Maddie Bell. Inside the purse she will carry treats such as apples and carrots for their horse when they go to visit her. I told Ava Mae to start saving her money now ...
The kids each do a journal entry every week in their notebooks. It is a great way to see how they continue to improve in both handwriting and language skills. Devin had an interesting entry this week. He talked about our upcoming trip to Disney World and how it was a secret his sisters were not privy to yet. Of course, he told his sisters what he was writing about and they spent the rest of our writing time trying to see what he was writing about. That made for a fun 20 minutes at the school table.
Next week is our first field trip of 2012 and we will hit our 100 Day mark for schooling ... can't believe we are past the half way point.

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Under the Sky said...

I have always loved The Floating House book. There is something romantic and amazing about it. :) (Not that I would really want to DO it, but still...I like to think about it! :D)