Monday, October 8, 2012

Week in Review : Enjoying Fall

Another busy week ... we had fun getting out all of our fall decor and placing it around the house. We bought our first two pumpkins {hope to pick up some more tomorrow on our field trip}. Ava Mae insisted on this little white one. Love all the colors and shapes that pumpkins come in now.

In co-op this week we finished out our study of the United States. The kids all took a quiz on labeling a map of the US. Devin took it one step further and was able to label all 50 states, plus major landmarks which earned him a special prize. Our little greenhouses from science are growing our seeds into seedlings. The kids have enjoyed racing to the kitchen window each morning to check on them. 

Devin, Lexi and Ava Mae are staying busy with extra-curricular activities. Lexi was given a speaking role in the upcoming Christmas musical at our church. She really wanted the part of Emily and landed it - making her so happy! {Pictured above, Lexi has been working so hard on her flexibility since summer intensive and it has paid off.} Devin was also happy to be awarded a singing part in the Christmas musical. Both kids start practices this week.

This week, besides our normal Saturday game, we also had a Thursday night game. Love fall baseball and the nice temps we can enjoy - big improvement over the summer! Devin is pitching great! He has turned a corner with his speed, pitching now over 50 mph.

We wrapped up our week watching the Braves in their, shall we call it, "Wild Call Game". We won't soon forget what happened during that playoff game. Our History lesson called for eating an All-American meal for dinner to end our study of the US - so we cooked everything on the menu they planned out - hot dogs, mini-burgers, potato salad, chips and apple pie with ice cream.

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