Monday, July 29, 2013

Exploring Riga : The Latvia Zoo

Yesterday, we took a trolley out to the L@tvi@ Zoo ... it is set in a beautiful location just outside the city in an area called Mezaparks.

The first thing I have to comment on here is the fashion you see in and around L@tvi@ - and this included the park. Women in heels in brightly colored dresses and adorable little babies in beautiful outfits with crocheted hats. I seriously could people watch for hours!

The flamingos were a beautiful orange/pink color ... knowing that normally the color is from their diet I wondered what they were feeding these bright colored birds - apparently they have a little bit of a trick they use in their diet to enhance the color.

Another observation I had ... animals in the zoo were very close ... you know how it is in America most zoos the animals are behind several levels of barriers, some seen and some unseen, here you could literally reach out and touch most animals. Love this sweet face on the giraffe.

Daune says only I would go to the zoo and then take pictures of things like tress and clouds ... just thought this cloud formation was really pretty.

Pictured above a Kodiak Bear ... so sweet and cuddly looking but, obviously would probably eat us in a heartbeat. Below is a beautiful bird we encountered - though I cannot remember its name.

Lexi posing by the lake in Mezaparks - bordering the zoo.

Sweet sleeping lions ... yesterday it was warm here, around 79 degrees so most animals were finding ways to stay cool.

Pictured below a monkey with her baby ... these monkeys would come up to the enclosure and try and reach their hands out to us.

Pictured below ... our own monkeys on the climbing gym.

Though warm it was a beautiful day ... and truly, in Atlanta standards not warm at all for a summer day ... after the zoo it was out to one of our favorite restaurants in L@tvi@ - Cili Pica (Chili Pizza).

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