Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop - School Rooms

Head over to My Life With 3 Boybarians to participate in this fun month long blog hop!


This week the theme was School Rooms ... here is our newly organized and cleaned school area.

Take a really good close look ... this will be the last time all school year everything looks so neat, clean and organized.

This has to be my very favorite time of year buying curriculum, school supplies and organizational items.

I found a great store that just opened only a few miles from our home, Lakeshore Learning. They have wonderful classroom supplies and I splurged and bought us a new United States Map and an All About Today Wall Hanging.

I have had so much fun seeing what everyone's school room or area looks like in their home!


Nicole said...

Very nice! I like Lakeshore too and agree that this time of year is a lot of fun.

Jennifer said...

I love your red bookshelf! I need some more color in my schoolroom :) For some reason, I'm always afraid to go bold.

I see that you live in Georgia. We're going to be moving to Savannah in the Spring (from North Pole, Alaska). I'm so excited about being near the beach again!!

Anonymous said...

Love the all about today hanging! Thanks for letting us take a peek!