Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seeing God in the Everyday

On Monday I got a panicked call from my best friend's pet sitter. It was 2PM in the afternoon and the pet sitter was at my friend's home letting her dogs out, when one of them escaped. Tess (the escape artist) is a runner so it did not come as a shock to me but, when she did not return after we looked and called for her for over an hour I became a little worried.

I kept thinking how would I tell my best friend (Christi) that their dog was lost or worse yet, injured or dead. Just as I was thinking these dreadful thoughts the phone rang, it was Christi calling from the beach. The pet sitter had called her to inform her of what was going on. Christi reminded me what I knew, that this was in God's hands. My girls and I had both already prayed for God to keep Tess safe and bring her home to us and I was so glad to hear a sense of peace in Christi's voice.

The kids and I prayed constantly all afternoon, we prayed for Tess' safety but, we also prayed for God's will to be known. Imagine our joy when 5 hours later my husband took one last drive to see if he could spot her and he found Tess.

I love teaching opportunities like this! Teaching my children to trust in God. Teaching that God is so good and he loves us so much. He loves us so much that he even cares for our trivial requests. He hears all prayers! Yesterday afternoon the pet sitter arrived at my house with a huge bouquet of flowers to thank us for our help, support and prayers. I think she saw what we did - God in the everyday!

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