Thursday, December 6, 2012

19 Days ...

Ava Mae wanted to make something she could sell to help raise money for our hosting fees for Miranda. We found some fun ornament ideas on Pinterest but, we really loved this one. It is an I Spy Ornament.

We found these plastic ornaments at Michael's - we chose plastic so they would be safe for little ones to take them off the tree and look for the items hidden inside.

We purchased several packages of little Christmas items ... Christmas tree, jingle bells, snowflake, holly, Christmas light, gingerbread man, and a cookie cutter.

Fake snow we found in the holiday village section of Michael's.

So easy to assemble, just use a funnel to fill the ornament a little less than halfway with the fake snow. Add your items and shake ... that's it. We also made up a card and laminated it with our list of items inside each ornament.

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Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Stopping by from Sugar Bee Crafts! I love finding Atlanta craft bloggers. Happy Friday :)